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I AM A BARBARIAN™ graphic novel without signed bookplate (PRICE REDUCED)

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I AM A BARBARIAN™, licensed and authorized by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc., is now in stock and available! Weighing in at a hefty 3.9 lbs and housed in a custom gold foil-imprinted matte gray slipcase, this stunningly beautiful edition in 8" x 11" format contains 236 pages, glossy interior boards, and stitched binding. Only 600 copies were printed; thus the book will quickly become a sought-after collectible.

The IAAB graphic novel is available without a bookplate as well as with a signed and numbered bookplate. Each 4.5" x 6" bookplate is signed by the IAAB team: Thomas Simmons, Mike Dubisch and L. Jamal Walton. Quantity is limited: only 200 bookplates are currently available. The bookplate is laid-in "as is" but comes with an adhesive peel-back for affixing to the inside of the book.

NOTE: for customers who wish to order more than one (01) copy of the IAAB book, please place a separate order for each copy desired. This is because we ship out each book in its own individual box (for protection of the book itself) and to ensure the total weight stays under four pounds for each shipment, thus avoiding additional postage fees.